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The experience we had with Global Bronze Productions was just incredible. GBP really opened the doors for the Handbell community.
— Michael - Bowie, TX

It is really the whole package. The staff at GBP were so welcoming and energizing every step of the way. Making sure we made it to every rehearsal and concert and making the most of every moment of our trip!
— Amy - Colorado Springs, CO

There’s really nothing else like it. GBP created an experience that I will hold onto for a lifetime.
— Crissy - Wyoming, OH

What an experience. Ringing under such an engaging conductor amongst such dedicated performers. Not to mention the venue...just incredible.
— Taylor - Rutherfordton, NC

Thank you, thank you for connecting with us! We never realized the potential for our ensemble until we performed in this invigorating concert. We look forward to more concerts just like this one
— Ben - Tampa, FL

I can’t say that I have ever enjoyed a concert weekend more... GBP (Global Bronze Productions) put together a smooth and exciting event - the travel, accommodations and performance in a lively venue. What a pleasure it was.
— Mary - Overland Park, KS

A production company dedicated to the Handbell community...I was overjoyed.
— Anita - West Hills, CA

Thank YOU! Getting to share my passion with other musicians just like ME, and in top class venues. I can’t wait for next year!
— Stephanie - Fredericksburg, VA

I am still floating. To perform in a large-scale venue with such talented musicians. Thank you to the kind and ambitious personnel at GBP who made this happen!
— Jonelle - Norfolk, MA

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